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Nguzo Bio


Nguzo is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. His early exposure to music was an experience steeped in Soul music and the Blues from his mother’s side of the family (natives of the Mississippi delta) and the Funk and Jazz music of his father’s side of the family (natives of Louisiana).


   After graduating high school Nguzo entered the military where he was briefly stationed in Panama. During this time Nguzo immersed himself in Caribbean music and culture. The rest of his military career was spent in Germany. After being discharged from the military Nguzo hoboed around the capital cities of Europe performing as a street musician- until he was deported for lack of a visa.


   Upon returning to Chicago, Nguzo began his music career in earnest- first as a poet in Chicago’s Spoken Word scene where he met other talented artists and eventually formed a band called the Groovement. Going back to his roots, Nguzo now mostly performs as a solo troubadour- though he still employs a band on requested occasions. This chapter of the journey has Nguzo traversing between Chicago and Miami- he delves deeper into and revisits the music of West Africa and the Caribbean- mixing it with soul and funk, in a sound he calls Afro-Delic...

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